Qubinets Platform

What is the Qubinets platform?

Qubinets provides managed open source data technologies on all public clouds and on premise.

Through Qubinets, developers and non developers can create complete data infrastructure eco system in matter of minutes. If you are not sure what you need, Qubinets have prepared AI assistant Q, to guide you through the process of building optimized data infrastructure just for your needs.

When you have built your needed data infrastructure, your work is finished. Qubinets is taking over now. Handling complex infrastructure that you have built, is Qubinets specialty. With human experts, ML/AI observability and predictive maintenance modules nothing go through Qubinets platform unnoticed. With this in place Qubinets is enabling customers to focus their selves on the business values more than ever before.

Qubinets platform consists of modular building blocks, when connected creates data environments tailored for customer needs. We started with first 5 blocks:  Apache Kafka®, OpenSearch®, Grafana®*, Data Extractor and Apache Druid® – however in next 12 months we are going to build our community of building blocks to more than 50.

Qubinets platform runs in Kubernetes and it is deployable in any of the public clouds, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean and many other, as well Qubinets has possibility to be deployed and managed in private clouds – on premise.

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