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Use cases

How Apache Druid® is used by Qubinets customers

IoT and device metrics

Druid can be used as a time series solution for server and device metrics. Ingest machine generated data in real-time, and perform rapid ad-hoc analytics to measure performance, optimize hardware resources, or identify issues.

OLAP and business intelligence

Druid is commonly used for BI use cases. Organizations have deployed Druid to accelerate queries and power applications. Unlike SQL-on-Hadoop engines such as Presto or Hive, Druid is designed for high concurrency and sub-second queries, powering interactive data exploration through a UI. In general this makes Druid a better fit for truly interactive visual analytics.

Network flows

Druid is commonly used to collect and analyze network flows. Druid is used to arbitrarily slice and dice flow data along any set of attributes.

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