Qubinets Data Extractor

Data Extractor allows to extract data contained inside text documents and collect them in an internal organized table with fields and records.
It can parse all the text files you specify and analyze them understanding from text tags what to extract and where to put it.
Data Extractor transform chaotic data to organized one.


  • When you have many heterogenous files with data inside and you want to move them in a structured databases with fields and records
  • If you need to extract data recognizable inside various text documents by a start and an end tags of various kind or for position


  • Data Extractor can extract the data you would require weeks or months or even years to collect by hand
  • It does it for you in few seconds, it can scan thousands of text, analyze, copy the required data, put them in a table you created with the needed fields
  • Uses various options to let you pull out data from thousands and thousand of files and save it in an organized way
  • Provides all the tools to accomplish these very specific tasks in a smart way
  • Data is transformed in JSAON format ready to use
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