Uncovering the basics

A new Blog Series on the Kubernetes Ecosystem

Are you building cloud-native applications and facing daily challenges in setting up and maintaining seamless and up-to-date development, testing, and production environments? The tasks of installing, configuring, synchronizing, and managing access rights and security for each environment can feel like a nightmare. Not to mention that maintaining scalability is crucial for keeping your clients satisfied with low-latency access to your services, while also not exceeding your budget constraints.

You have likely heard that adopting Kubernetes might solve your problems, but you might feel overwhelmed by its complex ecosystem of components. Migrating standard deployment, where applications are installed directly onto a physical or virtual server, to the Kubernetes environment requires a deep understanding of how virtualization and container orchestration work. That is one steep learning curve!

Qubinets platform offers a convenient and efficient solution for deploying your system on a Kubernetes cluster. Its high-level, zero-code approach to configuring the cloud environment simplifies the user experience while offering a great degree of control. And while the simplicity may seem like magic, we understand the importance of building trust through transparency. That is why we want to demystify the technology and explain how it all operates so that you feel comfortable using our platform.

We are excited to announce a new series of blog posts, in which we will cover the basics of Kubernetes architecture and typical use cases. We will explain basic concepts such as virtualization, containers, Infrastructure as code (IaC), GitOps, and more. We will also try to show how it seamlessly integrates and orchestrates a multitude of different tools and technologies.

Whether you’re a beginner with a basic understanding of DevOps or an experienced professional, we hope our explanations will provide a foundation for further learning. If you have extensive experience with Kubernetes, we still encourage you to give us a chance. You may discover something new or find inspiration for your own projects. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or suggestions.

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