Brand Guidelines

Our Brand’s consistency doesn’t just happen. It’s an outcome of good Brand
management – which is the process that enables our organization to extend the
Brand and its elements consistently across all channels to deliver the Brand

We want to present our Brand in a cohesive way because it allows our customers
and prospects to recognize it instantly, saves us organization time, and protects
our company’s most important assets.

Brand purpose is to enable every company, large or small, to manage their data.
By managing data, we mean to help them to have all information about how their
business is going, what they can improve, and technical support that does not requires
a big and expensive workforce.

With the Qubinets brand, every company will be able to get the most valuable
information immediately. Does not matter if we are talking about infrastructural
or business information. If something is going to stop to work, we will let you
know before it stops, if there is a gap in business that could bring more income
Qubinets will let you know.

The brand’s purpose is to bring data transparency and to use data for business
enhancements. Information is new gold/oil, we bring new gold/oil to the table.

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